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Dokumentart(en): Zeitschriftenbeitrag Forschungsergebnis
Titel der Veröffentlichung: Deafblindness: A challenge for assessment - is the ICF a useful tool?

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Möller, Kerstin


British Society of Audiology; International Society of Audiology; Nordisk audiologisk selskab


International Journal of Audiology, 2003, Band 42 (Supplement 1), Seite s140-s142, London: Informa Healthcare, ISSN: 1499-2027, eISSN: 1708-8186



Der Text ist von:
Möller, Kerstin

Der Text steht in der Zeitschrift:
International Journal of Audiology, Band 42 (Supplement 1), Seite s140-s142

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International Journal of Audiology

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International Journal of Audiology

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Deafblindness: A challenge for assessment - is the ICF a useful tool?

The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) is considered to be a big step forward in relation to the possibilities for describing disabilities. The aim of this paper is to highlight some strengths and limitations in the ICF that have been found during a study of people with deafblindness. Thirty-two adults aged 19-92 years, totally deaf and blind, as well as those with some remaining vision and hearing, were included. Questionnaires and personal interviews were used. The participants had difficulties in activities and participation on almost all investigated items. The following five circumstances could not be taken account of: fast variation in functioning due to different personal and environmental factors; choosing not to do an activity because of a health condition; time loss impacting on quality of life; health risks related to particular impairments; and obligations. The ICF needs to address these questions and needs to be further developed.



Informationsstand: 10.12.2010